Private Label Candles

We design + create custom candles for your business that set the mood and whisper your brand's story to the world.

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Signature Scents For Your Business

We believe that scents carry magic + memories with them wherever they go. Which is why we love creating custom scents for our business friends to help take their brand to the next level! Whether you are creating them to gift to clients, to sell in your store, or as marketing materials to create an amazing customer experience. We help you design the most amazing scents to invoke that special feeling when your clients light them up that is 100% custom to you!

give as client gifts
sell in your store
use as marketing material
give as client gifts
sell in your store
use as marketing material
give as client gifts
sell in your store
use as marketing material

Private White Labels

Elevate Your Brand With A Signature Scent

Your brand is more than just a name; it's an experience, a feeling, and a connection! Our one of a kinds custom candles let you infuse your brand with a unique and captivating scent that resonates with your audience. They're not just candles; they're a journey for the senses, forging memorable connections. Your brand's custom scent and candle will speak volumes, making it an unforgettable part of your customer's world.

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step 1

Walk through our super-exclusive proprietary Candle Questionnaire. It's not just any ol' survey – it's tailored to dive deep into your brand's essence, quirks, and the kind of vibes you're going for. Basically you are giving us the keys to your brand's soul, and we're here to help turn those vibes into a one-of-a-kind custom candle. Once finished, you will choose a date for our candle consultation.

step 2

Come join us in the pink studio or meet up with us virtually. During our meeting we will whip up 3 mini candles in different scents - some based on what we have pulled for you and some based our your own expert sniffers…because no one knows your brand like you do! You will take these home with you to burn and experience in your space before deciding on your final scent!

step 3

During our consult we will also be diving into all of our options for customization of your candle - from our limitless color options of our containers , labels, lids and dust covers, to the packaging and everything in between. We believe that your business is truly one of a kind and we have created our design process to make sure that your Private Label Candle is as unique and beautiful as your business.

step 4

Our design team sends you over a super sweet proposal that goes over all of the options that were discussed in our consult. we even include mockups with your branding so that we can show you exactly what your Brand New Custom Private Label Candle will look like!! Once your fragrance + final design options have been chosen, we start working on crafting up your amazing smelling candles!

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Wherever your candle is, it becomes an extension of your brand! A signature scent makes sure that when people smell your brand scent, they're breathing in your brand's unique vibe.


Scents have this ninja-like power to tickle emotions and trigger memories. A killer signature scent crafts an unforgettable experience, making people feel all warm and fuzzy about your brand!


Whether it's your office, store, or event – a signature scent creates a golden thread that ties everything together. That's how you build brand love and keep that image top of mind.


Some scents are legit productivity and happiness boosters. By choosing a scent that vibes with your brand's goals, you're setting up shop for some major success, creativity, and happy dances.

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